Yama-chan singing Checkers' song

I found this on youtube and although this is not part of Yamasaki Produce but I think he did a really good job with the song. He also has a strong resemblance to the lead singer of Checkers. Hope you guys know/remember Checkers.



Louder clothes but a good match! :rofl:
is he the guy in pink?
RafaMX wrote:
is he the guy in pink?

I think OneVirgin's video is just the actual Checker's band doing the song for comparison.
Sadly the actual clip of Yamazaki seems to of been taken down. I assume it might of been from the show Monomane Battle or something so if anyone has the clip I'd appreciate a re-up! It's tough to find his old appearances on that show. He imitated the following Checker's songs on it:

Monomane Battle 44 Summer Festival ものまねバトル44 〈ものまね炎のロックバトル〉…伝説のバンドが夏フェスに集結?
2007.08.02 - Stardust - Checkers 「星屑のステージ」(チェッカーズ)
Starring: 山崎邦正&鶴久政治&RYU

Monomane Battle 37 ものまねバトル37
2006.01.03 - "Request of Tears" - Checkers チェッカーズ『涙のリクエスト』
Starring: 山崎邦正+鶴久政治