Episode #1114 12.07.15 - 5th Yamasaki Produce

That was great, thank you funkygibbo for taking the time to subtitle it! Yamasaki Produce is one of my favourite segments, I hope one day all those episodes will be subtitled. I love listening to the gang pick on Yamasaki's bizarre lyric choice and song writing hahah :D
best Yamazaki Produce so far XD

Endo with the catchy lyrics
Hamada with le rock song (guess Yamazaki realize Tanaka's voice is kinda.... XD,, at least he looked cool witht the guitar :p)
Matsumoto.... he's really suitable for balad song like that, and he seems so serious XDD
The Yamazakis... :lol: catchy lyrics, epic singers, enjoyable XDD, love the song (yush, me ish serious XD)

:clap: for Yama-chan
if they really release the CD for Yamazaki Produce, It'll be very nice
Thanks for the vid, anyone knows what song Matsumoto's arigato originally from?
天才音楽プロデューサー山崎 5度目の正直! 音楽業界に殴りこみ~!!
Gaki_120715_#1114_Yamasaki Produce V.zip