Episode #1152 13.04.28 - Nakamura vs Onuma

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Let's watch two long-time GnT producers "mudslinging" for Gaki crews' and our enjoyments!

More Nakamura's eating hot food with bare hands!

http://youtubeowaraitv.blog32.fc2.com/b ... 29003.html
Download (HD) from (MEGA) :

Gaki no Tsukai - Episode 1152.mp4 (241.1 MB)
https://mega.co.nz/#!vVJD0SRA!RYpmGgXbq ... Lo5C_CnZNw
Can someone explain the different tasks? Who are they impersonating at the start?
It looks to me like they're impersonating Morning Musume, but that's a naïve guess.

Also, the video file does a weird flickering thing. Anyone else getting this?
Hamasaki Ayumi (aka Hamaguri Kayumi [clam itchiness], according to Bobby Ologun - I wish I could find that vid again).

The crew hit the 'doro doro' button whenever Nakamura or Onuma 'muddy (dorodoro) up' the flow of a segment, deviating from what you'd expect professional performers like the five to do in eg. Gaki vs Tenso, LINCOLN challenges, where TV-grade crispness is key.

*the button presses have nothing to do with whether something is funny, though something like both N & O coincidentally going mute can be both 'doro doro' and funny!
Oh god I have nightmares about having to do stuff like that. Was funny though.
@ kojio, the Ayu and Bobby vid
http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgi3pu ... -bobby_fun

Thanks for HD

After watching the ep: Not sure if I ever want to hear SEASONS again after hearing Onuma butchering it
Ni Oxx wrote:
Also, the video file does a weird flickering thing. Anyone else getting this?

I've noticed these on the last couple of week's worth of episodes.

I'm not sure who is ripping these but the quality has taken a dive. The file sizes aren't consistent and this one is full of artifacts and looks rubbish on a full size TV.

Before I get blasted by 'be thankful!' type messages, I'm not complaining about being able to get episodes in the first place, but pointing out that the quality up until now has been superb - it's wrong however to say that this episode is in HD when it's not.

Anyone have any other sources? The previous hi-q eps were being ripped from Youku, whereas this looks like a straight TV rip.
Gaki_130428_#1152_Nakamura vs Onuma.zip