Episode #1167 2013.08.18 - Tanaka's Heatwave Bug Hunt!

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Intrepid entomologist Tanaka takes the team on a Tokyo insect trip. With special songs from the boys!


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Thanks for this episode! It's more lighthearted than their usual stuff, but I still enjoyed the change-up.
Thank, i love good guy Tanaka. :inlove:
I just noticed that the first song we hear - " The Ladybug Samba" is the one that got Yama-chan in trouble with the receptionist in No Laughing Spy :o :D
Was anyone else fascinated by the bugs as much as anything else? :clap:
Can really feel Tanaka's passion for the bugs :)

I liked the insert songs by the gaki tsukai members
田中直樹 野生の王国~!!
Gaki_130818_#1167_Tanaka Naoki Wild Kingdom.zip