Episode #1188 2014.01.19 - I think that you like this

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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The competition that members expect each other's favorite item.
Gaki_140119_#1188_I think that you like this.zip
ありがとうございます!この見るのを期待しています。 :)
Thank you! I look forward to watching.

When I read the summary with my limited Japanese I felt this could be good one, it's always fun when they try and rate their knowledge of each other. The episode where they had to figure out what Matsumoto would like for example. :rofl:
Gaki staff seemed really like Simple Plan,they used their songs a lot.
Thanks for the video,I really need something to cheer me up.
Thank you! :) I understand very little, but still, it was a good one.
Thanks for the upload in that amazing quality.
I really enjoyed this episode :D
Kinda surprised at how much Hosei failed this episode. I honestly thought his fashion sense wasn't that bad. Still, nice to see the five of them having fun. :D
Tanaka loves pink things XD~ How I love his sense, it looks soft and warm :inlove:
wow, I enjoyed this very much, thank you for sharing :)
Awesome episode, I wish this was longer !
Title is 'I am the one who understands everyone the best! At any rate, you like this item, right?! Championship'

The interactions between all the gaki cast :D

Was that Suga at the end? :D
I know right?? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Suga looks so friggin old!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It was a great episode. Hope to some day watch it with subs
They should have made it longer with a few parts, not like the boring trials or janken competitions. After watching a 6 hours long batsu, the regular show seems so short and undeveloped haha
I would like to see it in two parts.
1st part: looking for clothes in shops
2nd part: Giving them to the members
andylau-fr wrote:
I would like to see it in two parts.
1st part: looking for clothes in shops
2nd part: Giving them to the members

Oh yeah, that'd be good! I was curious what they were saying about each other there, it seemed like they cut a lot out. Of course without a translation I don't know what they're saying anyway but I bet it was funny and maybe someday someone can translate if it became a series. :nod:
Perhaps they can do it with other items like films they think they would like etc. :lol:

Anyway this was a great episode, poor Hosei-kun xD Tanaka was so sweet to not want to hurt his feelings :) His reactions to the choice of panties was funny too.
What did they put on Hosei's chair in the end there?
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