Episode #1197 2014.03.23 - Tsukitei Hosei Long Interview (2)

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Tsukitei Hosei 46th Anniversary of the Birth
Unprecedented! 24-hour Long Interview!! Part-2
And costume talk.
月亭方正 生誕46周年記念
前代未聞!24時間ロングインタビュー!! (後編) & 着ぐるみトーク
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Thank you thank you so much! It is fantastic to get Gaki episodes in such high quality weekly. Much appreciated!

OMG I KNEW he was calling his wife at the end!! I don't know Japanese, and I mistakenly thought the montage of him talking about his "yome" (wife) repeatedly during the 24 hour challenge was "yume" (dream). But I was cracking up whilst the phone was ringing endlessly, I just figured he'd probably call home. Then I saw the TV episode summary:


Roughly by rejigging Google Translate:
After the 24 hour challenge was completed, Housei made a telephone call to his wife in order to convey his feelings of gratitude. However, it went to an answering machine.

Hahahaha... :rofl:

According to the TV summary, at the end the character count of the whole 24 hour interview was 22, 5037 and he was saying he's thinking of looking for a publisher :lol:

It's interesting them talking about how they remember first meeting/greeting Downtown. I think I saw Housei talk about that outside of Gaki before, but of course I don't know Japanese. I just got the gist from his motions/tone whilst telling the story that he felt nervous / scared, but was made to feel relaxed around them because they were very laidback with him.

This was probably when he was just starting out in training to become a comedian at the NSC school that Downtown had graduated from but stayed around as mentors at the school's 2chome theater.

I got that gist here again on Gaki here. With Housei bowing and hastily saying greetings whilst Hamada just mumbled a "uh huh yeah hey" and Matsumoto didn't even look up but carried on reading something and mumbled a "alright".

It was funny Downtown accusing each other of being rude to Housei, since technically that can be seen as really condescending, especially in Japan though even in the UK here it might be taken the wrong way. But I think, joking aside, to Housei that was just what he wanted and made him feel at ease because Downtown didn't enforce a lot of junior / senior formality. Downtown seemed to say they don't quite remember, but Housei seems to remember it fondly. :)

Poor Hamada though, seemed Cocorico made him feel bad at how nonchalant he was when first greeting them. Especially when Tanaka says (I think) that Hamada carried on walking afterwards :rofl: But I really liked the stories of how Downtown were informal in that way, I don't see it as them being rude. :)
do u have 720p in dailymotion? :D
I hope these 2 épisodes will be translated !
Johnhk wrote:
I hope these 2 épisodes will be translated !

Haha, at first when I heard them say things like "fashion" or "designer" in English I thought they were asking him what his favourite clothing brand was (which is most likely AfterBase judging by the ton of branded tops he wears by them!). But when he said "HOUSE-i" I understood :lol: I thought it was funny the very slow way he explained it, I don't know Japanese and I got it the first time he said it haha. He was so tired by then though that everything he said was drawn out. :rofl:

And seconded about a hope for a sub. :)
Holy crap Tanaka has that caveman arm hair
I couldn't stop laughing at the scene where Hosei is dazing in and out of sleep while being massaged. XDDDDD