Episode #1218 2014.08.17 - 2nd Hamada's Cram School (1)

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
Part 1
熱血 浜田塾!! (前編)
Gaki_140817_#1218_2nd Hamada's Cram School (1).zip
ErnieYoung I wanna give you all my money!!
Oh man those thumbnails, I didn't expect this to be filmed on a beach! Looking forward to watching this when I get chance :rofl:
That wig on Hamada looks too hilarious. :D
Thank you very much ErnieYoung, greatly appreciated. :D :D :D
Wow! Two of my favorite Gaki acts of the year put together in one episode! This was an awesome watch! Thanks haha! :)
What is this about? When i saw the beach, i was thinking of Kitanos Sonatine. ^^
The wigs come back...lol

omg..tomaranai-bu lol
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Image Image

Is there hot water in this water cannon? D-)

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Image Image
Hamada looks like a total gangster beating Tanaka, like he's straight out of a Takeshi film. :sweat: