Episode #1232 2014.11.23 - Gekidan Hitori Shichi Henge

From now on, I was thinking of posting episode threads in order to promote a little more discussion and previewing for the week's episode and then maybe ErnieYoung can post the links in this thread after the episode has aired.

Anyway, this week's episode of Gekidan Hitori's Shichi Henge will be delayed for 30 minutes.

I'm seriously looking forward to see this.

Gekidan Hitori has made several legendary costumes on God Tongue's "Maji-Uta Sensshu" (comedians sing/perform songs composed by themselves without any playback; the aim is to make all the guests laugh).
Anyone can look hilarious with make-up, but his acting (especially the voice work) really make the characters come alive.


This one was NSFW.
劇団ひとり 七変化~!!
Gaki_141123_#1232_Gekidan Hitori Shichi-henge.zip
To be honest, I was somewhat disappointed with this. I knew he wouldn't have the time to do any major make-up jobs, but there were too many acts relying on plain shock-factor.
I do have to say that repeating one act in English was a pretty unique idea and the final act was really impressive.
Thx! It was okay with some good moments. Any stream available?
I felt so bad when he ate all that raw garlic and didn't even get any laughs out of it.
desukarhu wrote:
I felt so bad when he ate all that raw garlic and didn't even get any laughs out of it.

That's the downside of comedy, you have to know what will make people laugh, what they won't find funny or offensive.