ame ta-lk 2014.12.30 - 5HSP

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Part 1: Degawa and Kano
ame ta-lk_141230_5HSP [1] Degawa and

Part 2: Undo-shinkei Warui Geinin
運動神経悪い芸人 Geinin who is Not Good at Sports!LYEhFZDJ
ame ta-lk_141230_5HSP [2] Undo-shinkei Warui

Part 3: 2nd Zakiyama & Fujimon ga Pakuritai-1 Grand Prix
ザキヤマ&フジモンがパクりたい-1グランプリ Yamazaki and Fujimoto want to Mimic!Xc8HTSAZ
ame ta-lk_141230_5HSP [3] Zakiyama & Fujimon ga Pakuritai-1 Grand

Part 4: AME TA-LK AWARDS 2014
ame ta-lk_141230_5HSP [4] AME TA-LK AWARDS
ooh this looks fun, cheers brother.
thank you very much mr ernie!!!! :bow:
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