Episode #1265 2015.07.26 - Tanaka's Tightrope Challenge

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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Following Tanaka's solid showing of tightrope walking in this year's 30000 yen talent show (Episodes #1257-58), now all five members are being required to complete the challenge. Seems a little mundane to base a whole episode off this, although there are apparently rules which should hopefully make it interesting.

Ooh, I'm looking forward to this actually and does sound like the rules may be meant to make things unreasonably hard for comedy purposes. :lol:

Housei demonstrated good balance in the past that he attributes to doing Kendo, but there's also been many times he's fell flat on his face so who knows what to expect. :rofl:
Can't wait to see that. I'm getting tired of the poor concept of recent episodes which also include uninteresting (for me) celebrities.
I just love seeing them hanging out. So if they try so kind of challenge, count me in !
Yeah I think so too. Like I was disappointed the "I think you'll like this" theme got handed over to celebrities after the first episode, there was so many other things they could of bought for each other and it would of been more enjoyable for me. So anything where they all participate together and get opportunities to diss each other is gonna be fun times. :rofl:
Exactly ! The "I think you like this" exemple is perfect, I really loved the first one, only them hanging out and having fun together, I miss that.
Just watched it.

How a so clumsy man can do that!

soudou wrote:
Ooh, I'm looking forward to this actually and does sound like the rules may be meant to make things unreasonably hard for comedy purposes.

No funny rule, it was seriously just Tightrope. :lol:
Here is a link:

low quality
田中プレゼンツ! 5人全員クリアせよ! 綱渡りチャレンジ~!!
Gaki_150726_#1265_Tanaka's Tightrope Challenge.zip
andylau-fr wrote:
No funny rule, it was seriously just Tightrope. :lol:

I guess the rule was that each of the five tiers of tightrope difficulty had to be completed by a different member, so (spoiler)
when Housei wrangled Endo into completing the 2nd tier for him, they forced him to take Endo's place in the 3rd tier. As always you never know what to expect with Housei, sometimes he can pull off stunts then other times, like here, he falls flat :rofl: At least he made it to the halfway point.

Endo and Hamada did surprisingly well, Matsumoto's complaining was funny.

Wow Tanaka is amazing, he was being very patient with himself, it looked insanely hard. :o
The touring bus they advertised, I wonder if it's a no laughing bus and if you don't laugh you get some kind of reward.
Lol this is Gaki at it's finest, love it.
This is just a short sub but I found it funny whenever Matsumoto laid into Housei so I wanted to try and understand it better, the very kind Pino helped me enormously, here's the result.

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