Episode #1269 2015.08.23 - Strongest Space Robot Wars

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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This week each member of the gang use cardboard in order to create what they think is the coolest robot. At the end, they also have to pick theme songs that they think would suit their robot, which apparently includes an original song by a 'big name' singer...

I'm so excited about this.
I loved the lego battle, and i'm gonna love this one too.
This episode was about as fantastic as anticipated. The play fighting-turned-real-fighting at the end left me in stitches! :rofl:
俺のロボットがナンバーワン! 宇宙最強ロボット大戦~!!
Gaki_150823_#1269_Strongest Space Robot Wars.zip
Hello, Is it just me or is anyone having trouble trying to download from Mega?
hahaha that ending was fantastic! :D
One of the best episodes this season. Just great stuff from the guys. Unfortunately they couldn't find room to slip in a ZET!!! there but still hilarious.
I wonder if the other members got angry at Hamada after what he did. Seems like they put in a lot of effort into making those.
Tanaka and Endo really stepped it up.
I was expecting Ichiro Mizuki as the "big name singer" and wasn't disappointed.
Really enjoyed the episode being a super robo enthusiast.
Matsumoto's robo was real sturdy though, Hamada couldn't manage a dent on it.
Yeah this was a fantastic episode :rofl:
Matsumoto's robot was really impressive, those mini-robots were so cute, also hilarious when he kicked Housei's dog :lol:
That end was indeed great, robo-sadist-Hamada doesn't disappoint :devil:

livnos wrote:
Hello, Is it just me or is anyone having trouble trying to download from Mega?

I usually use JDownloader to grab MEGA stuff so I don't have to bother with their website, but you could try using Chrome browser as it seems to prefer that.
Best episode of 2015 for me, the gang is all here, no other celebrity parasite this time. And the ending was exactly what I was expecting, I wasn't disapointed :D
Great episode undoubtedly one of the best I've seen you :lol: :D
Wonderful episode!
Wow, an artistic & creative challenge!! I thought Hamada's mecha was going to be... well, even more horrible than usual, but it kinda surprised me :D

I like the effort & creativity of Yamazaki and his concept of a tank mecha w/ a sidekick.
Maybe it's because they had very limited time, but I was expecting something more creative, or for some of them to go the extra mile. But well, they're no prop makers or cosplayers.
Like everyone else said, great episode. I almost fell out and broke my chair as I watched this cause I was laughing so hard at the end. :rofl:
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