Episode #1277 2015.10.25 - Hamada Bamyu Bamyu new concept

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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NTV has posted the episode preview early this week, probably to compensate for no episode last week.

This week features the return of Hamada Bamyu Bamyu; this time he is working with Sebastian Masuda, who actually works with the real Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, including designing her costume and directing her music videos' visuals. Even Nakata Yasutaka, the producer of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's music gives his two cents in a little message to the show.
It's amazing that a little parody has inspired this much...

it was probably the most popular gaki episode on twitter and stuff. so i think they will use it often. :geek:
Costume Talk: Hamada Bamyu Bamyu Special
着ぐるみトーク 「浜田ばみゅばみゅスペシャル」
Gaki_151025_#1277_Costume Talk.zip
Just for the two costume talk segments before and after the Hamada Bamyu Bamyu discussion:
- the first segment was about Hamada's treatment of the program staff, specifically his tendency to get violent with them and Oonuma is used as a prime example
- the second segment was about an article written in the tabloid "Shukan Jitsuwa" which involved Tahara Toshihiko (appeared for a Karta competition episode and replaced Matsumoto in last year's No Laughing game tag segment) replacing Hosei as a regular on Gaki. The article also mentioned that Matsumoto was the main driver of this move. Must admit that it was funny to see Hosei panicking, but on a serious note, Shukan Jitsuwa is known for writing rather ridiculous gossip so Hosei should be fine.
I guess I liked them talking about the new concept, but I didn't anticipate having to wait a week to actually see said concept.

EDIT: Two weeks?
Shappuri Agemaaasu!!
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Ni Oxx wrote:
I guess I liked them talking about the new concept, but I didn't anticipate having to wait a week to actually see said concept.

EDIT: Two weeks?

They haven't actually given an actual release date, so I think it's gonna take time. It was all preliminary stuff from Nakata and Masuda, so there might be some changes from now to release time.
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