Episode #1279 2015.11.08 - Kahala Tomomi Karta Competition 2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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Continuing on from last week, we continue on with the Karta competition, with the prize being a two shot photo.
Part 2
華原朋美 カルタ争奪戦 (後編)
Gaki_151108_#1279_Kahara Tomomi KARUTA Competition (2).zip
decryption key needed
It's under the image:

Though it is still possible to make a link with the decrypt key included, MEGA made it awkward though so it's less obvious than before.
First you click the dropdown for folder/link, then select "Full Link" and then hit Copy.

solved! thanks
hi! could you someone please translate these two endo's quotations?
the one with the mannequin and the one with chiaki. maybe someone remember them. here below two pics from these moments.
As a sidenote, I notice that Kahala mentions reading 2chan and her getting up in the morning to read it and then going to sleep feeling depressed. Matsumoto then jokingly says that she should go read 4chan, but I do wonder just how many celebrities do read things like 2chan; given its anonymous nature, anyone could go read anything on 2chan without outing themselves :^) .
sebas-chan wrote:
hi! could you someone please translate these two endo's quotations?
the one with the masking and the one with chiaki. maybe someone remember them. here below two pics from these moments.

The first picture translates to 'I put 'blur' on the mannequin and played around with it'. The blurred part is something implied to be dirty in a sexual manner and in later parts, they refer to him screwing around the mannequin and something about a penis. My guess is he placed a strap-on on a mannequin and played around with it; in any case, it reinforces the 'pervert' reputation Endo has :D
The second part details Kahala's recollection of Endo trying to chat her up when Chiaki was out of the room they were in and saying that she should go out with him as well. This was despite them being at Chiaki's birthday party, Kahala having been invited as a guest. They don't say whether Endo had divorced Chiaki at this time, but Endo tries to deny the story at the end and eventually he begs them to tease him about the mannequin instead, which he had been heartily embarrassed about just minutes ago :D
Hi everyone. This is my first post.

Probably the blurred word is "penis".
As Vatican says, the first quote could mean "I play with a mannequin wearing a strap-on dildo".
It could also mean "I play with a mannequin by pressing my dick against it". :puke:
thanks vatican for your time with the answer!! your translations are always wellcome and help a lot :bow:
jeje, I thought they said something like that. you never know how much is true but with them is always funny :rofl:

unfortunately anonymity in internet is used for a lot of people to creat communities where they put all their anger and frustration.
I'm glad to see that this fanpage remains quite peaceful.
and yes, we'll never know who is following this site right now with secret interest... :bandit:
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