Episode #1296 2016.03.13 - I Think You Like This Item #7

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
To be honest, I've lost count of how many editions there have been so I'm going with #7 for the time being. In any case, the 'I Think You Like This Item' series makes its first appearance for 2016. The guest this week is Nakamura Tamao, a veteran actress who mostly interacts with Downtown through their Downtown DX show, where she is often teased for telling ridiculously long stories about her personal life.

Jesus christ, when is Goodbye Yamasaki ? Every year i am waiting only for that.
どうせお前こんなん好きなんやろ?選手権~!! 中村玉緒
Gaki_160313_#1296_7th I Think You Like This Item.zip
Thank you!
Can someone give some more info on this episode's guest? I've never heard of her before and she seems pretty funny.