Episode #1297 2016.03.20 - Sudden Japanese Dance Competition

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
This week involves the guys trying to come up with their own renditions of traditional Japanese dancing, despite not having experience in it. They will have to do their own makeup and learn the choreography by themselves.

Ooh, this sounds like it'll be a good one even without understanding the language. :nod:
Also potentially creepy with the makeup and slow dancing. :?:
Hahahah! This is going to be good.
Next week for sure.

いきなり日本舞踊 選手権~!!
Gaki_160320_#1297_Own Way Buyo Competition.zip
Thank you very much.
Thank you, i guess... :D :D :D
Matsumoto's face definitely can't be UNseen :tmi: :tmi: :tmi:
Thank you very much ErnieYoung!

As I thought creepiness and hilarity abound :rofl:

so0shi13 wrote:
Matsumoto's face definitely can't be UNseen :tmi: :tmi: :tmi:

I don't know much Japanese but I know enough to understand the woman judge said Matsumoto's face was scary (kao ga kowai) :lol:
But it seems he won due to the variety in his performance.
And Hamada lost for falling over (I think the judge found it cute but not enough to give him a free pass).
Thank you :inlove:
What's the cultural background for this kind of dancing? Is it connected with Noh or Kabuki theater?