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Thank you very much for supporting us and the other Gaki subbing groups. Without your encouragement and engagement, there would not be as many subbed Gaki episodes for everyone to enjoy.

We wanted to let you know first that we are planning major changes to the way Gaki subbing works. In order to ensure that episodes will be subbed faster, we will be using a kickstarter mode where after a certain donation goal is met for a certain episode, we will guarantee that an episode will be subbed within a certain time afterwards (depending on the expected man-hours for that episode). We believe this will create more accountability from us and more participation from the community, resulting in a faster episode turnover for all. Team Gaki and TPF are also making similar plans and we are currently in discussion with them on how to unify a kickstarter process across the three subbing groups so that the subbing community as a whole can come together to create subs even faster.

But this isn't only about the subbing groups coming together. It's also about how the viewing community can join forces with us. For those who want to contribute your time, we will make it possible for you to typeset or translate parts of a new episode in Aegisub and send those parts to us. If we deem those parts usable, a portion of the donations earned from that episode will be shared with you, depending on the quality and quantity of the translation and typesetting. Call it "Crowdsourced Gaki."

For episodes that don't meet the donation goal, we may sub some of those episodes regardless and will be implementing a DLC mode for them where subs for each cast member can be downloaded for a nominal fee. Research from surveys we conducted showed that optimal prices are likely to be USD $9.99 for Matsumoto's subbed lines, USD $9.99 for Hamada, USD $6.99 for Cocorico together, and USD $3.99 for any guest or staff appearances on the show. (Hosei's lines will no longer be subbed.) Microtransactions are the future and with the DLC mode implemented, viewers will be able to trade the subs they download from us with other viewers, creating a virtual Gaki economy in the dark web.

It is truly an exciting time to be part of the Gaki community. Updates will be coming from us, Team Gaki, and TPF as well, so please stay tuned. Thank you again for your continued support! And if you haven't already, please follow us on tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, DailyMotion, Reddit, gaki-no-tsukai.com, YouTube, Instagram, Tinder, OkCupid, MySpace, and tumblr.


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.. (Hosei's lines will no longer be subbed.) ..

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