Episode #1301 2016.04.17 - Testing Bonds without Phones

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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I must admit that my translation is a little rough for this week's episode description so if anyone wants to correct anything, feel free to do so.
In any case, we have a new type of challenge this week, with the guys split into various places around Tokyo without their phones. From my rough translation, they have to guess of a place where they think the others would think of as well when they think of Tokyo and until all five meet at the same place that the others have thought of, the challenge does not end.

Wow. Interesting concept. Looking forward to it!
Walking around...
Hamada will leave again won't he.
Wow, this is a freakin cool concept! Looking forward to it.
Unintentional double post, sorry!
I have to say, i am not looking for this at all. Not until there is my favourite series. I wait every year for it. About time that Goodbye Yamasaki is aired, new year special people got their share already. Where is mine ?
I'm looking forward to this, sounds fun. I wonder if they'll have to ask for directions from the public at any point. And yeah I'm not sure either what parts of the description mean, like


Does that mean they'll have to say something as they go around Tokyo?
soudou wrote:
Does that mean they'll have to say something as they go around Tokyo?

It means the phrase "speaking of something...(in Tokyo)" is given to them. For example, if "speaking of CLOCK..." is given in London and all of them gather at Big Ben, the challenge ends.
nietzchesass wrote:
It means the phrase "speaking of something...(in Tokyo)" is given to them. For example, if "speaking of CLOCK..." is given in London and all of them gather at Big Ben, the challenge ends.

Oh thanks! I wonder how specific the phrase they get will be.
Rendezvous Game (Part 1)
5人の気持ちは揃うのか!? スマホなしで待ち合わせ~!! (前編)
Gaki_160417_#1301_Rendezvous Game (1).zip
Thank you. :)
I believe Hamada chose the billboard where he was there many episodes ago. That gourmet report one, I think.

This is a very interesting concept. It maybe sellable like Silent Library.
Thanks ErnieYoung! Been looking forward to this. :bow:

Just like nietzchesass said, it seems they get different themes to try and come together on. So the first was "Where do you think of in Tokyo in regard to a big parking lot?" Then it was "a big billboard" and the upcoming one is "a frequent/good on-location spot for Gaki"

Slight spoiler:

Also it seems once they've joined with someone they stay together, until they all manage to merge into one group.

It seems like a really fun idea, especially as we get to see them berating each other for whatever place they picked (even without knowing much Japanese, it's just funny when they sound/look exasperated with each other). :rofl:
I like it. :clap:
Infinity Challenge did this exact sort of thing in the past, and it was executed way better.
If you enjoyed this gaki episode, I highly recommend watching episode 220 of Infinity Challenge- it is subbed too!
Click on episode 220 for the Telepathy episode!
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