Episode #1305 2016.05.15 - Hamada's 53rd Birthday Party

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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We have a special episode to commemorate Hamada's 53rd birthday party with a twist. Keen observers of Gaki will note that Hamada tends to throw around the phrase 'ふざけんなよ' quite commonly whenever someone does a dumb/stupid thing; the phrase roughly translates to 'Don't screw around/be silly'. Well this episode will test the limits of how many times he will say it, with the theme of the episode being the gang and some guests bringing in an assortment of silly presents in an attempt to make him utter the phrase.

Sounds like fun, can't wait to see what presents they think to bring in. I hope they'll do similar concepts for the other guys' birthdays in the future, or maybe they just like teasing Hamada on his birthday too much. :rofl:
soudou wrote:
or maybe they just like teasing Hamada too much.

Fixed that for you!
Shappuri Agemaaasu!!
祝53歳! 浜田雅功 ふざけんなよ 誕生日会~!!
Gaki_160515_#1305_Hamada's Birthday Fuzakennayo Dokkiri.zip
Thanks, ErnieYoung!

What guest would you guys have brought to entertain Hamada-san? I would've brought Yoshio Kojima. I think he'd get a ふざけんなよ for sure!
Shappuri Agemaaasu!!
Thank you.
Thank you very much ErnieYoung. :D :D :D
What's the decryption key? I usually used the text below the preview picture, but now I can't pass the current one and I've checked there's no guideline/ troubleshooting for downloading from Mega.

Thanks anyway
0nslaught wrote:
What's the decryption key? I usually used the text below the preview picture, but now I can't pass the current one and I've checked there's no guideline/ troubleshooting for downloading from Mega.

Thanks anyway

Check the link under the picture, you will find it in that
Thank you very much ErnieYoung :bow:

Fun episode, spoilers:
That gorilla looked a bit creepy with those beady eyes peering. :rofl:
And yay, Housei nailed it! 8)
It´s that girl from Hamada trial. Kinda hoped they would make him dance again.

Also feel kinda sad that they told him that party was just fraud.
Can someone help me please, every time I open the encoding key zip file with Winrar, it gives me a file that opens an installed game on my computer...? How does the key usually look like? It never worked for me. :(
The zip file contains one file, which contains the encryption key as text. Open the file inside of the zip file with notepad or some other text editor and copy the text.

If using a Windows OS, try holding down shift while right clicking to get the Open With menu option. Pay attention to check marks for "always use this application with this type of file" dialog if you don't want to use notepad or some other text editor to always open files of that file type If using some other OS, use Google to figure out what to do.
Frequently wrong, but never in doubt.
I cant figure out the decryption key, i checked the link under the picture but all i got was a file, do i open it with another software?

Edit: NVM i figured it out.
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