Episode #1341 2017.02.05 - Mori Masako Karuta Competition 2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
The conclusion to the Mori Masako Karuta competition. Also includes a little bonus Costume Talk at the end of the episode, featuring confirmation that Endo's infamous 'Busjack' movie has finished filming its sequel.

Thanks Vatican, can't wait for the second part as the first was so funny. :rofl:
Part 2 & Costume Talk
森昌子 完全プロデュース! 元気モリモリ取り合おう! カルタ争奪戦~!! (後編) & 着ぐるみトーク
Gaki_170205_#1341_Mori Masako KARUTA Competition (2).zip
Thank you very much. :D
I still have no ideas of what this serie is about :D
But thanks as always !
Is there any sub out there just like part 1?
Part 1 was super funny! I wish part 2 got subbed :)