Manzai combi dynamics

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I was always under the impression (probably because most of my comedy exposure comes from Downtown, Ameagari and maybe Cream Stew) that the members of the duos tend to not like each other. I was surprised to watch some variety shows where there are comedian duos that don't and are actually quite friendly with each other! (I was watching Rozan and then Bananaman recently, though it was only one episode of 'Why did you come to Japan?' with the AKB48 idols that I thought they got alone).

Was my impression way skewed? Are comedy duos generally super friendly with each other? Which group has the best dynamics in terms of the character personalities they play? We've seen a few documentaries and such about how Downtown works, but are they just different in how they work?

It makes more sense in my opinion if partners are good friends and that's why they work well together.
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I think there are definitely combis who don't quite like each other(like obonkobon) and combis that do! In the case of downtown and ameagari, I don't actually think they dislike each other more so that they just respect each other on a business-partner level :>

I tend to like combis where the two parties get along well :D Because of this, I really enjoy knights, jarujaru, sandwichman and miyashitakusanagi :D In the latest God Tongue episodes that was posted in the thread, Kusanagi mentions (i'll hide it in case it's spoilery)
that he thought comedy duos were supposed to be cold with each other because of how Downtown works lol.

I do think that DT probably has a very unique case of how they treat each other.