Episode #1391 (2018.02.04) 2S Talk

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
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This week will again consist of just the two of Downtown talking about random things.
What happened to Matsumoto in Australia? He will also talk about his bells and muscle training and special techniques which Hamada is baffled by!
ダウンタウン 2ショット トーク
Gaki_180204_#1391_Downtown's Talk.zip
I'd love a link if possible Ernie
Hello Ernie, a link would be great. Thanks for uploading all those gaki videos from 2012 aswell
I like the talk segments... Can I have a link please, Ernie?

Thanks :)
May I have a link please and thank you.
:bow: :bow:
Would love to get the link as well this week. Thank you Ernie!
Hi, ErnieYoung-San, Can I get the link for this episode?
Thank you.
can i have a link too? thanks
May I have the link please

Thank you
Looking for the link too, thanks.
Hi Ernie, please send me the link too, thank you.
Hi Ernie, can I get the link too please? Thank you. :bow:
I would also like a link, thanks!
Could I get a link for this too please Ernie? Thanks as always
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