Episode #1410 (2018.06.17) - 2nd Board Game Meet-Up Part 2

A Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown
This week's Gaki will be the second and last part of the Board Game meet up.
A nerve-wrecking brick-building game will lead to a very high tower!
Another strategy-based occupy game will lead to great anger from Matsumoto!
Whose clumsiness will be revealed in a certain game where one has to destroy the other team's figures?
The excitement by these old geezers won't stop!
The next episode (#1411) is not aired next week due to FIFA World Cup games.
第2回 世界のテーブルゲームを遊び尽くせ~!! (後編)
Gaki_180617_#1410_2nd Let's Play World Tabletop Game (2).zip
The first game is like expert level Jenga.
Thank you very much, and for the information about next weeks episode. :bow: