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WIDE na SHOW 2019.07.21 Live Special

about Miyasako & Ryo Apology Press Conference
WIDE na SHOW 2019-07-21 [720p60].zip

I removed the display of heavy rain information.
Hi everyone and thanks Ernie for your videos!
Could someone please tell me what did they do that thay had to apologize for?
They Fired them!
What have they done? dirty business?
what a bombshell!
This is the end of Ameagari and London Boots!

(Sorry , I'm writing in pieces. I'm surprised!)
sebas-chan wrote:
Hi everyone and thanks Ernie for your videos!
Could someone please tell me what did they do that thay had to apologize for?

Here: https://www.reddit.com/r/GakiNoTsukai/c ... d_drops_a/

If you scroll down, there's a full translation of Miyasako's statement from the press conference.
Ah! got it. Thanks a lot!
Hopefully I'm interpreting this correctly am still learning Japanese but this is what i got from this episode:

They were in trouble for attending a party backed by some shady people/organisation and also receiving a large sum of money during it. They claimed they didn't receive money and was unaware of it being a backed by shady people/organisation.

One of biggest mistakes was Miyasako not being honest with Matsumoto about receiving money. Matsumoto said himself he would have brought it up with the Yoshimoto president who we talks to often and has influence with decisions made at the top so could have mediated the situation.

I got the feeling that they were fired initially (mainly through negotiation between legal advisers) however it will likely be re-negotiated especially with Matsumoto putting strong pressure on Yoshimoto to change its attitude and rethink what they stand for. Likely be a temporary ban. Also it came out Yoshimoto has some kind of connection to shady people/organisation too, in what capacity would be interesting to find out (although would likely affect a lot of people if it did).

It seems to be affecting all the comedians within the organisation though, could imagine them contemplating how they would be treated for mistakes they might make. Look forward to seeing Yoshimoto side of argument and how they intend to more forward from here!

ps. I think the election votes will drown out the noise a little bit for this though.
Yoshimoto president press conference just got held: Click Here

It is 5 hours 47 mins and largely a political reply though.
I think this will end in nothing.
They all will probably "forget" what happend.
WIDE na SHOW 2019.07.28

Nishikawa Takanori, First Summer Uika, Morley Robertson
WIDE na SHOW 2019-07-28.zip
WIDE na SHOW 2019.08.04

Sashihara Rino, Takeda Tetsuya, Izumiya Shigeru
WIDE na SHOW 2019-08-04.zip
WIDE na SHOW 2019.08.11

Nagashima Kazushige, Kanda Aika, Cunning Takeyama
WIDE na SHOW 2019-08-11.zip
WIDE na SHOW 2019.08.18

Hiromi, Ito Asako, Takeda Tetsuya
WIDE na SHOW 2019-08-18.zip
WIDE na SHOW 2019.08.25

Sashihara Rino, Furuichi Noritoshi, Kiyozuka Shin'ya
WIDE na SHOW 2019-08-25.zip
WIDE na SHOW 2019.09.01

Nakai Masahiro, Nishikawa Takanori, Sashihara Rino
WIDE na SHOW 2019-09-01.zip
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