Ep. #1471 (2019.09.08) 8th Matsumoto Challenge - Still Rings

Matsumoto's 56th birthday
祝 56歳! 松本人志 つり輪
内村航平 超えの回転技に挑戦
Gaki_190908_#1471_8th Matsumoto Challenge - Still Rings.zip
Finally, hilarious episode of this year! :D
Thank you very much, Ernie-san.

Also happy birthday, Matsumoto-san.
Thanks Ernie-san,
Great episode, had a good laugh :D .

lol at Yoshimoto's president puzzle :rofl:
Great! a classic. One of the best Gaki series for me. Nice to see it back :clap:
Thanks Ernie :bow:
Thank you very much ErnieYoung san. ;) ;) ;)