Drone x Oni (a Survival Game to Escape from Drones)

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DRONE×鬼▽ドローンVS人間! 究極の鬼ごっこ対決! 果たして生き残れるのか
Drone x Oni 2019-11-08.zip
This sounds like Toso-chu.

Now I wonder, what happened to Toso-chu? There's no new episode since last january.
greator wrote:
This sounds like Toso-chu.

Now I wonder, what happened to Toso-chu? There's no new episode since last january.

It's coming soon.
Is this a new regular, semi-regular like toshochu, or one-shot tokuban?

Also, I wonder if every TV station going to make their own version of Drone vs Human now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Early this year, Fuji aired Kei-Drone, and now Nittere follow suit 8)

Anyway, thanks for sharing! :bow:
Thanks ErnieYoung, greatly appreciated. :bow: :bow: :bow:
It was a fun show but I got nightmare fuel vibes from it. Imagine what happens if you equip those things with just a single buckshot or explosives and a learning AI. Welcome to Skynet. :o
The dumb is strong in this one.
Super interesting, thanks Ernie!
I miss Sentouchuu
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